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Matteiru History

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#1 souka Posted 10 September 2014 - 12:04 PM


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originally written by holanio


How do we make this sound cool... 

(This is actually a pretty long story, so you might want to turn on some music.)

TL;DR -- HaruHime was dying, but then we decided to make a new group with some of the same people and same projects.


HARUHIME broke into the shoujo scanlation scene with a ton of high quality scans and projects. They were pretty much jointed with everyone for every project and at the time, the two admins Haru and Hime along with their faithful staff members could handle the workload. It had been over half a year and they had garnered a high reputation (we hope) in the scanlation communities. Hime, with her unresistable charm and Haru, with her undeniable mysteriousness. Staff members were excited to celebrate Hime's birthday and prepared a potluck of releases for the group's beloved princess. However, the joy soon found itself lost in a sea of troubles... before the staff members knew it, Haru and Hime were sucked away, never to be heard from again.


ANYWAY, as melodramatic as that was, HaruHime's first anniversary was creeping in fast and the staff members couldn't miss their opportunity. Faced with certain dread, they rocked back and forth between two possibilities: 1.) Wait patiently in hopes that their two admins would certainly come back to celebrate a year's worth of accomplishment or 2.) Continue working on releases and independently gather up resources to make the anniversary releases possible without their admin's permission and even stir up serious drama as a result.


DAMN it, we were part of a shoujo scanlation group! We work on drama every day, so you better believe we decided to make that anniversary release happen. Staff members called upon each other and participating joint partners to help pull it off. Great teamwork pulled out an amazing 10 chapter release. Prepared for a lashing or loving return from our admins, Haru and Hime never did come back. We waited for a month--nothing. We didn't have access to any of the unassigned resources. Another month, and it was clear--whatever happened to them, they weren't coming back.


TALKS stirred up within the remaining few active staff members. They had another big decision to make: 1.) Continue waiting and do nothing or 2.) Form a sub-group and continue a few of HaruHime's projects. As the staff members began to finalize their discussion, the HaruHime website went down and the forum was inaccessible. A flood of panic hit the HaruHime members, who were all trying to regroup as best they could with the limited contact they had with one another. At last, it was clear what they wanted to do: continue the HaruHime legacy and wait stubbornly for Haru and Hime's return.


WHY were these staff members so persistent in waiting for two admins to return to them after all this time? It's hard to explain without being in the group yourself or never having jointed with HaruHime. However, the attraction to whatever these two were doing was too immense to resist. We're always waiting--waiting for them--and waiting for you, in Japanese, matteiru (待っている).


HOWEVER, we're not just a bunch of shoujo geeks, we have have our own goals that we want to accomplish with a new team of super members. After our almost dramatic shoujo experience with our own admins, we wanted to be in a team where no one was clearly the leader or just a staff member. Everyone was someone and you mattered. We desired to be a group that not only released high quality scans, but we wanted be one of those groups that promoted buying a mangaka's work and help people do just that. We wanted to share our joy with each other and our readers. We wanted to do projects we enjoyed and even attempt to scan a series that multiple groups are work on just for the love of it. We're a naive bunch of scanlators, but we're eager and ready to learn, to love and to have fun at the same--shoujo style.


PLEASE consider joining us on our journey to a fluffy and unorthodox world full of sushi, yakitori, manga and homework. It's a lovely place to be. We enjoy life and we like "waiting for you".


I love sushi.

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#2 Wisperella Posted 20 June 2015 - 08:24 PM



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really like this little history recap of the group, and the name you decided to go for ;).


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