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#5539 [GUIDELINE] 1st Matteiru Art Contest

Posted by jeca on 19 April 2014 - 05:33 AM




Since this is our first contest, our very first theme will be: SHOUJO

Anything about everything under the shoujo sun is welcomed here.

Fan arts are also welcome. J


DEADLINE: MAY 25, 2014



- Anyone REGISTERED in the forums. J

- Any country.

- Staff members may also participate.




- SIZE: AT LEAST 1500 px in height; portrait or landscape J

- MEDIA: both traditional and digital artworks are allowed

- For those using TRADITIONAL media: Make sure you have clear scans/pictures of your work/s J

Multiple submissions are allowed, but you can only WIN ONCE J

You are allowed to change/modify your submission for as long as the contest is open. J

To prove you did the artwork, you can include in your submissions images such as:

- STUDIES – if you did any initial sketches, character studies, layout studies J

WIPs (Works-In-Progress) photos J

- Additional for DIGITAL works:

PSD file



- In the CONTEST FORUM, Start a new topic:

- Topic Title: [CONTESTANT] (YOUR NAME) 

ex: [CONTESTANT] Matteiru


- Your post should contain:

Your name (however you want to be credited J)

Title of your artwork

- Link to your website/dA/Tumblr etc (optional)

Your entry (you may provide a description if you'd like)

Proof of ownership of artwork

- Image of study/WIP embedded in the post OR

Link to image/.zip/.rar file


-Please note that all submissions via E-mail, Facebook, or Twitter will NOT be accepted  J





Poll opens MAY 25, 2014, and voting will end on MAY 31, 2014. Top 3 entries with most votes wins. Only REGISTERED members are allowed to vote J




- Feature winning entry in manga of his/her choice

One of the following options:

(1) Manga tankoubon (In Japanese)

(1) Official manga e-book (In Japanese)

(5) random treasures from 100-yen stores in Japan


*Winners may opt to decline any of the listed prizes.

*Winners may demand any manga series of their liking but will still be subject to availability.

*Free shipping anywhere in the world.


Please feel free to post a reply below for questions and other concerns,




  • #5908 [CONTESTANT] velvet_sora

    Posted by velvet_sora on 22 May 2014 - 12:18 PM

    Your name: velvetsora

    Title of your artwork: HAL

    Link to your website/dA/Tumblr: velvetsora.tumblr.com

    Your entry:



    Description: Fanart of HAL manga (and anime movie :D)
    fuh~ finally I can finished this.
    both the manga and the anime were so good.
    big thanks to Matteiru staff who translated this series, thank you so much ://D

    I don't know if I can upload this on other sites or not, if it's not big enough I'll upload the big ver. in my tumblr :"D

    and sorry for not being active here and for my bad English T T


    Proof of ownership of artwork:

    matteriru step by step.jpg

    is it to small? = =a
    I think the day time ver. is better than the night = =;;;;


    Attached Thumbnails

    • matteiru contest.jpg

  • #5923 [CONTESTANT] Mega Minx

    Posted by Megaminx on 23 May 2014 - 12:40 PM

    Name: Mega Minx


    Title: Dryad


    Website: Deviant Art/ Tumblr


    Entry: Full Size Here!




    Proof of Ownership: Process!



    Description: Some of my original work, it represents a girl's emotions in love (both good and bad), hope you enjoy c:

  • #5843 [CONTESTANT] Moma

    Posted by Moma on 17 May 2014 - 05:45 AM

    Your Name: Moma Momami

    Title of your artwork: Braids

    dA--------->    MomaMomami.Deviantart.com

    Paigee World------------->www.paigeeworld.com/u/momamomami


    Your Entry:




    This was Supposed to be bigger but I can't upload it on its original size sorry.It was a representation of my Usual Hairstyle.



    Proof of ownership: https://www.paigeewo...3192bf8782a3f75



    Attached Thumbnails

    • Braids4.JPG

  • #5696 [CONTESTANT] sasugasugoi

    Posted by sasugasugoi on 01 May 2014 - 09:37 AM

    Name: sasugasugoi

    Title of artwork:  First Snow 

    Link to website/dA/Tumblr: ...nah.

    Proof of ownership: (I hope you don't mind me presenting this first)







     Let it go, Let it goooo~


    I think moving on after a break-up is the hardest thing to do. What do you think?


  • #2447 Brand NEW Ma-ma-ma-manga Bonanza!

    Posted by Ren on 11 August 2013 - 06:20 PM



    Well, this may not be a bonanza like what you'd expect from the title but we do have new mangasss in-store just for you. Can you guess what it could be? Kufufufu. I don't know either! XD


    Where art thou, Matteiru?!

    To start off, we would like to clarify that Matteiru is still alive and kicking. You might have noticed that there's not much activity in the forums the past few weeks, well that is because everyone's enjoying each of our own summer escapade in our very own Matteiru tropical paradise and whatnot. So, no worries! We will be releasing manga chapters dutifully every month (we always do) because we love it and we know you love it too! And who doesn't love a dose of monthly sugar, spice, and everything nice?


    Matteiru is getting Married?!

    Okay, not. But we would just like to announce that we will be celebrating Matteiru's 1st year anniversary this coming October. And it's Halloween! So expect looots of manga releases enough to fulfill your shoujo manga needs to the brink of ecstasy. Don't forget to give our projects more love so that we can continue having more awesometastic anniversaries in the future XD.


    Babycode? Who's the father?!

    Oh, yes! All hail to souka for updating our forum babycodes. Well, it's actually BB code but I prefer calling it babycode. I've been pestering souka for a month to have it updated just so I can experiment with post creation and making it all pretty (teehee). Technically, it means more possibilities for your forum posts. See below and notice how I am now able to use tables and columns for this piece. You should try it out, too!


    Happy birthday, Jenatrix!

    Who's Jenatrix? She's none other than one of Matteiru's fave supporters. She's also a very active member in this forum and heck you could say she's the number one follower for Mairunovich! Like, she loves it more than all of our official staff combined! And her great support and appreciation for all our efforts in releasing manga monthly, like all of you guys, keep Matteiru alive and inspired. Her birthday was on August 8, so belated happy birthday, Jenatrix! And we got Mairu for you.  


    Where's my manga?!

    Okay, okay. Jeez, aren't you guys excited? Before that, you might be wondering how many new manga(s) we have prepared. Well, we will be releasing a few this month and some more potential series in the next few months so stay tuned! And now, featuring our August batch release!


    (8/12) Mairunovich 20: MediaFire | 4shared | Read Online | About

    Hold your horses!!! Why is it that every time we release a Mairunovich chapter there’s always a hodgepodge of squeals and rants all over the place? Why? Happy Mairunovich day to all you Mairu lovers and haters (yet, still reads the manga anyway)! Don’t forget to cool off afterwards ‘cause Mairu♥Mirai is still a loooooong way to go. Check our forums for spoilers.

    corset_btn_small.png(8/14) Corset ni Tsubasa 01: MediaFire | 4shared | Read Online | About

    New manga alert! Here's a new series you will surely love brought to you especially by our lovely translator Nyreem. Nyreem says this gets better after the first volume and “…ends up really freaking great!” It's great indeed because you won’t see too many characters with all uber positive traits rolled up into one heroine. Also, plus points for the Victorian setting and the pirate eye patch!

    koibana_btn_small.png(8/16) Koibana Koiseyo Hanabi 25: MediaFire | 4shared | Read Online | About

    Joint with Coyomoose. Ooh lookie here, another chapter of KKH! This time, Hanabi and Chikai are finally going on their pre-Christmas date! //squeals. They brought their cute dogs out to play, too. Hanabi even dressed them up, it's so adorable. And whoops, looks like our loveable heroine makes another mistake - what could it be this time around? KKH lovers, have fun with this new update, and remember to drop by at Coyomoose to say hi and thank you!

    ootagawa_btn_small.png(8/18) Ootagawa Junjou Lovers 01: MediaFire | 4shared | Read Online | About

    Surprise! Surprise! Ootagawa Junjou Lovers will be one of the new manga series we will be working on starting this August. It came into works due to its popularity amongst our staff and easily charmed its way to having its first chapter released. A captivating manga about love with no boundaries. This is a humorous love story for the stalkers, stalkee and the like!

    MP1_small.png (8/24) Hal 04: MediaFire | 4shared | Read Online | About

    Joint with asdf Scans. Finally, the final chapter of Hal! Most of you have probably read Chibi Manga’s version for this chapter thus, the ending may not come as a surprise anymore. But for those who still haven’t, then what the heck are you waiting for reading this lame post? Download this chapter now! And don't forget to also thank asdf scans for this awesome release. Also, give them a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on their 1st anniversary!!

    kageno_btn_small.png (8/26) Kageno Datte Seishun Shitai: MediaFire | 4shared | Read Online | About

    Ooh la la~ What do we have here? Featuring a new series by Kitagawa Yuka: A love comedy about a negative girl and a popular guy's high school life. Both of them aim to enjoy their youth to the fullest, and with each other's help, will they be able to do so? This will be our last release for our August roster so come back again next month for more goodies. Ciao!

    recruit.pngWe are now adopting new family members!

    Hey, guys. We'd love to be able to worry more about manga and less about finding new recruits who can help out with our beloved projects. Thus, if you've ever considered taking a trip at our recruitment page while wondering whether to join or not, now would be a totally RAD time to do it. We love you all with all of our crazy shoujo lover hearts!


    Finally, let's not forget to be social.


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  • #6308 ~A Summer Treat~ (July Release)

    Posted by fiarose12 on 19 July 2014 - 08:06 PM

    Hello, everyone! I'm Fiarose12, a proofreader at Matteiru! Wow, June flew by...and so did July!  I can't believe it!
    We have some awesome releases this month.  I've been working on some new L-DK chapters, as well as re-reading past chapters.  Is anyone else psyched for the live-action movie?  :D I heard that Ao Haru Ride is getting a live-action too, in addition to the anime! So much good anime is coming out this month.  I finally got Starry Sky to work on my computer.  The series has great seiyuus, but I recently found out that Yukio from Ao No Exorcist (I love him) and Grell from Kuroshitsuji are voiced by the same seiyuu (who is also Azusa in Starry Sky).  :o  So my dreams were pretty much crushed. щ(ಥДಥщ)  On the bright side, the seiyuu who voiced Yato from Noragami is in the Starry Sky series. (^3^) I am very excited to start playing.
    If you enjoy our releases, please: we are currently recruiting Japanese translators and cleaners (with or without redrawing skills)!  You can apply for a position here.  We need YOU to help us get releases out! We will hold some of our releases (Stand Up!, Sumika Sumire, Mairunovich, L-DK, Kageno datte Seishun Shitai, Ibara no Kanmuri and Sugars) hostage!! :( 
    On a happier note: Happy birthday to our wonderful proofreader, CookieMonsterHana, whose birthday is on July 23rd!  Wow, we have quite a few birthdays this month. Lilian and Sweetthoughtfulzombie have birthdays this month, too! Happy birthday, everyone!

    :cool:  :cool:  :cool:  :cool:  :cool:  :cool:

    A big thanks to the Matteiru Staff, who worked hard to release these chapters!





    standup_btn_small.png (7/20) Stand Up! 8: MediaFire | 4shared | Read OnlineAbout
    Furuya is having trouble expressing her feelings to Harada, especially in front of his friends. How will her feelings reach him?
    post-1776-0-00138100-1405845659.png(7/22) Sumika Sumire 1: MediaFire| 4shared | Read Online | About
    A new series!  A supernatural story about an old woman who has never experienced love, but gets a second chance at youth.
    kiyo_Xharu_btn_small.png   (7/24) Kiyoharu (Ootagawa Junjou Lovers extra): MediaFire | 4shared | Read OnlineAbout


    A cute extra about a very smart boy and a Hikkikomori girl. Will he ever get her to come out of her room?!

     kageno_btn_small.png (7/28) Kageno Datte Seishun Shitai 3: MediaFire | 4shared | Read OnlineAbout


    Kageno continues "dating" Mitsunaga, but not everyone is happy about it.  A particular group of girls will do anything to stop Kageno...

    L_DK_btn_small2.png(7/26) L-DK 43: MediaFire| 4shared | Read OnlineAbout


    The tension between Aoi, Haru and Shuusei is rising rapidly at the sports festival!  Will Haru confess?

    Enjoy the chapters and please consider donating so we can release more manga!  All of our donations will go to purchasing good-quality manga raws and keeping Matteiru alive!  <3 Thank you all!

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    ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆

  • #5944 [CONTESTANT] MyLeO

    Posted by MyLeO on 24 May 2014 - 09:16 AM

    Your name: MyLeO

    Title of your artwork: Reading Books

    Link to your website/dA/Tumblr: http://myleo.deviantart.com/

    Your entry: 


    “We read to know that we are not alone.” — C.S. Lewis

    Books are not only for studying. It can be a place where we cannot be alone and feel special.  :)










    Proof of ownership of artwork: 





  • #5868 [CONTESTANT] Moma

    Posted by Moma on 18 May 2014 - 09:30 AM

    Name: MomaMomami 

    Title: Mine.

    Link to Websites:









     Description:So, The quality of the one I have attached is very low , View full size here ----------> http://momamomami.de.../Mine-454907415 Sorry this will be my last Submmittion for the contest xD. This Shows the Possessiveness of Bishounens.



    Proof: WoPs   WOP1-1.JPG WOP1-2.JPG WOP1-3.JPG  

               Links https://www.paigeewo...3192bf8782bb50a


    Attached Thumbnails

    • Mine..JPG

  • #5846 A Compliment

    Posted by sweetthoughtfulzombie on 17 May 2014 - 08:41 AM

    Thank you for all of the hard work you've done and thank you for continuously working hard. You do wonderful work!

  • #5718 [CONTESTANT] Wendy

    Posted by Wendy on 04 May 2014 - 09:59 AM

    Your name: Wendy

    Title of your artwork: I wanted to show you...

    Link to your website/dA/Tumblr: http://wen-dying.tumblr.com/

    Your entry: 


    Proof of ownership of artwork: PSD File (I originally did it on Paint tool Sai) - Traditional sketch

    Description: Hi ! I'm Wendy. I hope you enjoy my drawing. Sorry for the horrible background !!(>人<)Without background : http://img15.hosting.../259561nobg.jpg

  • #5707 [CONTESTANT] SooyoungChua

    Posted by SooyoungChua on 03 May 2014 - 03:04 AM

    Your name :Sooyoung Chua

    Title of your artwork :We are in love! 

    - Link to your website/dA/Tumblr :http://sooyoungchua.deviantart.com/

    -My Entry



    -Proof of Ownership or Artwork


    Attached Thumbnails

    • couple.jpg

  • #5858 **NEW** [[April Showers brings May flowers]] -- May Release!

    Posted by Margie on 17 May 2014 - 08:20 PM



    Hello all! I'm your release master for this month, Margie, a translator here at Matteiru since December 2013! I've never done this before, so please bear with me if I seem exceptionally n00bish because chances are...I am. LOL Some quick info about me: I'm 19 years old and just finished my sophomore year of college! I'm a Japanese major with a Chinese minor, and next year I'm going to be living in Nagoya, Japan for an entire year while I study abroad! If any of y'all will be over there, let me know and we can grab some yummy food or something~


    Well, I'll stop blabbering away and get right down to business! This month, Matteiru is scheduled to release an incredible EIGHT chapters of Mairunovich! Let's give a big round of applause to our amazing team here! *clap clap clap* Before I show you all to those, though, let's not forget the birthdays of our ever-lovely Matteiru staff!


    Turttleoo5 - May 21

    Ayakah~ - May 21

    43minutes - May 30


             ☆  ☆



    As mentioned before, this month is all about Mairu! Things are never calm in Mairu's world, so be sure to read on so you can find out what's happening lately!

    mairunovich_btn_small.png(5/17) Mairunovich Chapter 36: MediaFire | 4shared | Read OnlineAbout


    After deciding meeting a boy at school is hopeless, Mairu tries social networking! She begins talking to someone and it turns out he wants to meet up! How will this bode for Mairu?

    mairunovich_btn_small10.png(5/21) Mairunovich Chapter 37: MediaFire | 4shared | Read OnlineAbout

    The seemingly passive Nanase-san makes a bold move on Mairu and takes her to his home, saying that he has forgotten to feed his cat. What will happen to these two once they arrive there?

    mairunovich_btn_small5.png(5/21) Mairunovich Chapter 38: MediaFire | 4shared | Read OnlineAbout

    Mairu worries that her relationship with Nanase-san might be turning into a second Naru-kun! However, Nanase seems undisturbed and says that he's confident he won't lose to Master Tenyuu! Read on to find out what happens between him and Mairu~!

    mairunovich_btn_small6.png(5/25) Mairunovich Chapter 39: MediaFire | 4shared | Read OnlineAbout


    Master Tenyuu seems to be in a bad mood, but Mairu is sure that she will prove him wrong. Also, Mairu and Nanase-san's long awaited first date! How will things turn out for them?

    mairunovich_btn_small8.png(5/25) Mairunovich Chapter 40: MediaFire | 4shared | Read OnlineAbout


    Tenyuu continues to be a salty little sea monster, and Mairu decides she wants to plan a date for her and Nanase-san! But suddenly, the circumstances surrounding their relationship become unclear. What will happen to the two of them?

    mairunovich_btn_small7.png(5/29) Mairunovich Chapter 41: MediaFire | 4Shared | Read OnlineAbout


    Mairu grows tired of Nanase-san treating her like a child, and finally stands up for herself! Meanwhile, Tenyuu sends Mairu an SOS! Will he be okay?

    mairunovich_btn_small11.png(5/29) Mairunovich Chapter 42: MediaFire | 4Shared | Read OnlineAbout

    Mairu models for a fashion magazine, thanks to Tenyuu and his peers, leaving the control freak Nanase in his apartment! Tenyuu finally tells Mairu that he's tired of being her god. Oh no, Mairu! How can you live without Tenyuu?

    mairunovich_btn_small4.png(5/30) Mairunovich Chapter 43: MediaFire | 4Shared | Read Online | About


    Funny type,  serious type, athletic type; Mairu is searching for a new potential boyfriend and dream guy! Unbeknownst to her, that "dream guy" could be just around the neighborhood. And what's this? Mima the cat is in trouble? Oh, no! DX


    Hope you enjoyed the chapters we've released so far! We'd love to be able to release more manga, however, in order to do so, we could use an extra helping hand. Thus, please consider donating. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. All donations will go to purchasing manga raws and keeping our beloved site alive. Thanks for your continued support!


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  • #5744 [CONTESTANT] Jaicel Chingtan

    Posted by Jaicel Chingtan on 07 May 2014 - 12:10 AM

    Your name: Jaicel Chingtan

    Title of your artwork: Girl's talk

    Link to your website/dA/Tumblr: http://jurc61098.deviantart.com/

    Your entry:



    First time using screentones digitally. the lineart is traditional 


    proof of ownership of artwork : proof2.jpg   I can't upload the PSD file ( too big) I'll edit this post again for another proof :)

    Attached Thumbnails

    • matteirucon.jpg

  • #5723 [CONTESTANT] Caera

    Posted by hyperpanda on 04 May 2014 - 08:29 PM

    I really wanted to join in! Hope you all like it!


    Attached Thumbnails

    • caera_by_hyperpanda135-d7gcjai.png.jpg
    • proof.jpg

  • #5661 [CONTESTANT] bubbli.yume

    Posted by bubbli.yume on 28 April 2014 - 09:19 PM

    Your name: bubbli.yume

    Title of your artwork: Welcome to the Carnival

    Link to your website/dA/Tumblr: None

    Art progress: http://www.mediafire...BUBBLI.YUME.zip

    Your entry: 


  • #5956 [CONTESTANT] JustynaGil

    Posted by JustynaGil on 24 May 2014 - 09:25 PM

    name: JustynaGil

    Title of artwork: Pink Collector

    Link to dA: www.justynagil.deviantart.com

    My entry:Drawing3.jpg




    Description: This is about one girl who's too shy to meet the world outside her room, leave her beloved toys, mangas. Will she be ever able to experience what's waiting for her outside the window?:D


    Proof of ownership of artwork: images saved as attachments to this topic - starting from pencil sketch to photoshop screenshots

    Attached Thumbnails

    • Szkic03.jpg
    • Szkic06.jpg
    • Szkic00.JPG

  • #5549 Easter's Eggciting Release and a contest?!

    Posted by Psyren on 19 April 2014 - 08:37 PM

                                             Happy Easter Everyone
    WOOThis is my first time being a release master and I hope everything goes as planned. I hope you are all doing well because we have some amazing announcements and releases that will hopefully add some excitement to your day. 
    First off we're hosting our first Art Contest! Artistic or not, any member is welcomed to enter and the deadline is May 25th, so get started if you want a chance to win one of the fabulous prizes. Click on the link to see the official post: http://matteiruscans...test/#entry5539 and  Good luck to those that are entering!
    Now let's wish a Happy Birthday to our beloved members:
    Miniechie's birthday was on the 5th.
    HolyPkerz's birthday was on the 9th.
    Norio's birthday was on the 11th.
    Haikara's birthday was on the 16th.
    DarellHer's birthday is on the 25th.
                                                                             ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆
                                                          Stay tuned for more releases this month!

    standup_btn_small2.png(4/20) Stand Up! Chapter 7: MediaFire | 4shared | Read OnlineAbout

    The rain gives way to new understandings. Furuya goes to Harada's family shop and speaks to his friends. Will everything go smoothly?

    mairunovich_btn_small5.png (4/22) Mairunovich Chapter 34: MediaFire | 4shared | Read OnlineAbout


    Mairu tries to get back into the game of love but when she can't find anyone at school to date her will social media be the cure? 

    ibara_btn_small3.png(4/24) Ibara no Kanmuri Chapter 2: MediaFire | 4shared | Read OnlineAbout


    How Nobara's life became intertwined with a demon is finally explained, but it isn't all bad. She gained powers and insight of the world, yet will she accept her fate?

    mairunovich_btn_small10.png(4/26)Mairunovich Chapter 35: MediaFire 4shared | Read Online | About


    Mairu's found an internet companion, whose an adult and wants to meet her, and her high expectations get the best of her. What could possibly go wrong?

    kageno_btn_small.png(4/28) Kageno datte Seishun Shitai Chapter 2: MediaFire 4shared | Read Online | About


    Kageno is having trouble adjusting to the whole fake girlfriend/real friend situation and ends up over exerting herself. But Mitsunaga is actually really sincere so maybe Kageno will finally have a real friend.

    sugars_btn_small.png(5/3) Sugars Chapter 10 MediaFire 4shared | Read Online | About 

    To the tiramisu you... Yuuichi, who is burdened with heartache and uncertainty, suddenly blurts out his love problems to a pastry chef. Yet what is lost in awkwardness is gained in wisdom as this mysterious girl gives passing advice to him.  


    Hope you enjoyed the chapters we've released so far! We'd love to be able to release more manga, however, in order to do so, we could use an extra helping hand. Thus, please consider donating. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. All donations will go to purchasing manga raws and keeping our beloved site alive. Thanks for your continued support!


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  • #3664 First Anniversary, Final Stage!!!

    Posted by souka on 02 November 2013 - 08:36 AM


    Firstly, let me start off with...
    Happy Belated Halloween!!
    I hope everyone's had a great Halloween, well, for those who celebrate it. Did you wear a costume? Did you go out trick-or-treating? Did'ya make some trouble!? What did you do on Halloween? Let us know what kind of fun and mischief you've been up to in a reply to this post.
    Secondly, let me continue with...
    Happy Anniversary Matteiru Scans!!!
    To be clear, our anniversary was actually a couple days ago on October 31st, 2013. So why didn't we release it on the 31st? Well, I think that... there's a good explanation for that! I fell asleep at my desk. Yes, you heard correctly. We are making this release late because I fell asleep. I want you all to know that our staff stayed up incredibly late trying to make the October 31st release happen and I let them down. I apologize to our fans, and deeply apologize to our staff. There is no bigger letdown than a late anniversary, but let the show must go on!
    So why didn't we release it on November 1st? Well... that was our Plan B however, it was my last day of work and things happened. What kind of things? My coworkers took me out for lunch, there were all sorts of little problems happening at work, and my other coworker took me out to dinner! So why didn't we release it after the dinner!? That's because my coworker made me go to her house to play Rockband until midnight. I would have left earlier, but her newlywed sister was in town for her honeymoon. I thought I should be a good friend and entertain her. Then on my way home, 4 freeways were closed. I was lost for a little while and became further delayed from making this post. Once I got home, I began writing this post, but fell asleep at my desk again shortly after.
    Fate seems to be against me making this release. But we made it. And because we made it so far...
    Thirdly, let us celebrate Matteiru Scans coming this far...
    If you're not familiar with our group and it's history, please take some time to get to know us: http://www.matteiruscans.com/about. We have a amazing, incredibly strong-willed staff who are also graciously kind. Though we're battling being understaffed for the amount of projects we work on, staff members have miraculously stepped up and taken twice or more the load!
    On stage, we have incredibly friendly, gentle, and enthusiastic staff. Behind the scenes, we have fiery and enthusiastic staff --and sometimes we get into heated debates about which direction to take the group. But at the end of the day, we all want the same two things: good scanlations and more importantly - friends.
    To us, scanlation is not just a hobby, it's a craft. We seek to perfect it.
    Please thank the team for their incredible work hard. And if you have any questions about the group or staff, please post it here!

    And finally, I would like to say that I am very proud to be a part of this group.
    Now, I present you with the fruits of our long and arduous journey.

    standup_btn_small2.png(11/2) Stand Up! 0: MediaFire | 4shared | Read Online | About

    This chapter is where it all began. Utako is constantly plagued by thoughts of Harada Naoyuki, the popular boy who sits right next to her in class. She is troubled by how he acts "especially nice" towards her which she's afraid might lead to her mistaking it for something beyond wanting to be friends. But does Harada really wanted to settle with just friendship?

    sugars_btn_small2.png(11/2) Sugars 9: MediaFire | 4shared | Read Online | About
    Marshmallows!? Perfect in time for Halloween. A super shy girl and the weird marshmallow boy. How can it get any stranger? An exciting scene where 3 guys pressure her, will she be saved by the marshmallow prince!?
    KKK_btn_small.png(11/2) Kanpeki Kareshi Kanojo 6: MediaFire | 4shared | Read Online | About
    Sweet forbidden love. An unwanted love, is now a yearned for love. Has she said too much? Will they ever talk again? Let's see how Suzu tries to make it up to her young, clever black-haired counterpart.
    ootagawa_btn_small.png(11/2) Ootagawa Junjou Lovers 2: MediaFire | 4shared | Read Online | About
    Diabetes infused chapter! Ogata is unusually concerned by one of his senpai's personal love life. It turns out that this senpai have helped Ogata greatly as a member of the baseball club. In return for his kindness, Ogata wonders how to get the girl who his sempai likes to notice him. How will he when he himself has zero experience concerning love? Who will he turn to for help?
    mairunovich_btn_small3.png(11/2) Mairunovich 26: MediaFire | 4shared | Read Online | About
    Mairu remembers a quote that Tenyuu said "When you like someone, there's a brightness about that person." But Mairu says to herself "I might not be the only one who sees Naru in that brightness." What does she mean by this!? Read the chapter to find out.


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  • #204 Recruitment - We want you!

    Posted by holanio on 12 January 2013 - 12:41 PM



    A handful of HaruHime’s remaining staff wanted to make a subgroup to continue some of our favorite and beloved series. “Matteiru” in Japanese means “Waiting for you”, and now we're waiting for YOU to join us to work on projects that we all love =]


    rec_page_matteiru_02.pngWe are recruiting Japanese Translators, Editors, Proofreaders & Typesetter. (updated 02.16.2015) We are looking for people who will become dedicated and committed to our group in the long run. We prefer skilled recruits, but if you think you're good at the job then we urge you to try and apply anyway. (We may be able to train translators) Nonetheless, I am sure you will still learn a lot regardless of your skill level.


    We also offer some special things for you! If you get accepted for one position, we can offer to train you in other positions that you're interested in. If you're from an international scanlation group and you want to use our cleans or scans to use for your retranslation, we will give you access to that as well.


    Types of Positions you may apply for:

    • Japanese Translator (Must be proficient in both Japanese and English language.)
    • English Proofreader (Proficient in English, NOT a robot, smart and thinks outside the box.)
    • Editor (Cleans, typesets and knows redrawing. Someone awesome.)
    • Cleaner (Focuses on cleaning and redrawing. Has a keen eye for colors and details. )
    • Redrawer (Focuses on redrawing only. Does necessary generally intensive redraws or cloning.
    • Typesetter (Puts the English translations onto cleaned scans. Has an eye for typography.)

    NOTE! Editors, cleaners, re-drawers, and typesetters are required to use Photoshop.

    NOTE! Positions which are grayed out are closed until further notice.


    We have very relaxed deadlines however, there are a couple series in which we hope to release at least once or twice a month. We may choose to test you.

    Please feel free to leave a reply here with:

    • Your skill level (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
    • Position desired
    • Which projects you're interested in working on (we can consider even bringing in new ones if you bribe us with your love and affection)
    • Describe your personality
    • Sample work (if any)